Preferred Rate Plus

Guaranteed Fixed Rate Plan

Key Features

Guaranteed Interest Rate
Very attractive guaranteed interest rate and 100% principal guarantee


Security/Within a Bermuda Trust
Bermuda trust formed on your behalf with power to designate Beneficiaries


Ability to choose your guarantee period of 3 or 5 years


The beneficiary can continue the plan or receive the Wealth Transfer Benefit in a lump sum


No contract charges (providing that no redemptions are made)

Investment Requirements:

• Minimum Investment US $50,000
• Minimum Additions US $25,000
• Issue Age 0 - 85
• Maximum Investment without
Approval* US $3,000,000

Liquidity Options

Free Withdrawals: After the first plan anniversary, Plan holders are able to make annual free withdrawals up to a cumulative maximum of 10% of their Plan Value for the 3 year plan and 15% for the 5 year plan without paying a Redemption Charge.
Excess Withdrawal: Plan holders always have full access to their Plan Value, subject to the following declining scale of Redemption Charges:
Liquidity Options

Wealth Transfer Benefit

This benefit will be offered to a surviving Beneficiary upon the death of the Investor prior to Plan maturity. The Beneficiary may elect any of the following options:

  • Continuing the Plan “as is”; OR
  • Beginning a new Plan with a new selected Guarantee Period with the Investment equal to the Plan Value; OR
  • A lump sum payment comprised of the greater of the current Plan Value, less any applicable redemption charges OR the current net Investment of the existing contract.

Trust Participation


PB Investment Holdings Ltd.’s plans are issued to a trust located in Bermuda. The trustee establishes sub-trusts for each eligible investor and investments are made by the trustee for the investors’ benefit. Each sub-trust is fully segregated from other investors and other PB Investment Holdings liabilities. The trustee is Estera Services (Bermuda) Limited (formerly Appleby Services).


Bermuda is one of the largest insurance centers in the world (after London and New York). Bermuda offers impeccable financial security. Political and economic stability are the hallmarks of Bermuda’s international business industry.



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